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Your Premium Commercial Painting Contractor in Brisbane

Choosing a premium contractor for your commercial painting project is essential for achieving the most suitable and most consistent aesthetic for the exterior or interior of your space. The team at Brush Masters Brisbane brings years of experience and skills to providing a wide range of high-quality painting solutions. In this article, we explain our extensive range of interior and exterior painting services and outline why you should choose us. Contact one of our team today for a free quote.

Commercial Painting Services

Our Commercial Painting Services

We are a passionate commercial painting company and take pride in providing the highest quality services to our clients.

Year-Round Commercial Painting Contractor

Our team has all the training to complete projects for both the interior and exterior of your space. The consistency of pleasant weather in Brisbane allows us to offer our comprehensive services at any time of the year. We adhere to the stringent health and safety standards required for working on the exterior of any building. During weather that is unsuitable for exterior painting, we will focus on providing interior work exclusively. Our range of year-round commercial painting services includes:

  • A paint job for a new building
  • The restoration of an old paint job
  • Repainting unsuitable work

Our Commercial Painting Services

As a premium commercial painting contractor, we bring many years of experience in providing you with superior quality painting services. Our team has the skills and expertise to provide services to clients in a variety of industries, such as:

  • Corporate buildings with many floors
  • Hospitals of various sizes and capacities
  • City municipals
  • Interior and exterior of large-scale shopping centres
  • Commercial businesses, such as bars, banks and retail outlets

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Why Choose Our Commercial Painters?

We’re a commercial painting company that understands the positive effect a premium paint job can have on your business.

Improve Your Image

High-quality paint work will reflect a consistent aesthetic and image for your business. This can have a direct influence on how your customers view your company. We provide a wide range of premium colours from accredited professionals at Dulux and can help you perfect various aspects of your image, such as:

  • The company branding
  • Your building and office
  • Your warehouse
  • Your retail space

Customer-Focused Service

Our commercial painters provide a premium service with a focus on clear communication and efficient work. We make as little impact on your daily operations as possible and ensure you get the exact product and outcome you desire.

Licensed and Insured Painters 

  Our painters work under all the licenses and coverage necessary to provide painting services in your commercial space. This gives you peace of mind, knowing the image of your business is in safe hands.

Are you ready to transform your commercial space? We will provide high-quality painting services to bring vibrancy and durability to your property. Call Brush Masters Brisbane today on 0731 718 762 or contact us online for a free quote.